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Enhanced Movie Center (EMC)

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Enhanced Movie Center (EMC)

Příspěvekod masko52 » stř 25. kvě 2016 22:28:47

Enhanced Movie Center 4.0


- raised EMCVersion
- fix de.po
* de.po:2992: duplicate message definition...
de.po:2969: ...this is the location of the first definition
- Update locale, de.po
- Fix service resume
* after the sequence "open EMC - open EMC menu - exit - exit" in "hide_miniTV/singlePixelMuted" mode (not intended for DreamOS)
- Improve fix of 'hide miniTV' modification
* Make it more identical to original behaviour
- Completed Dutch PO to 100%
- Updated Locale files.
* Updated the PO's with the POT file
* Updated Dutch PO to 72%
- fix for new changes
* I told you before don't break compatibility to mainline Enigma2 / DreamOS!!!
- Improved my last commit, muting of miniTV
- add webm container video file extention
- New optional method of hiding miniTV: "single pixel TV, muted"
* Workaround for movie aspect ratio issues on Gigablue Quad:
Some movies play correctly then live TV is active before playing them,
so do not disable the miniTV by stopping the service but use the new option.

THX @betonme
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